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During last year we saw a positive change in the housing market cycle.

When driving by large cities or coastal areas it is easy to spot the improvement since cranes have, once again, become part of the “landscape”. Confidence is growing among the population, mainly because there is more access to credit, there are still very good opportunities on the market and the overall economic situation has improved.

This year, the luxury housing market has had a very smooth first quarter. Sales are improving and expectations for 2016 are on the rise. This is certainly the case of Sotogrande, one of the most sought out areas in all of Andalucia and Spain.

Susana Fontecha, managing director of Kassa Sotogrande, recognizes that despite the tough years during the crisis, the luxury market in Sotogrande has not suffered as much as others. Upscale residential areas always tend to attract new investors, both national and international. “We have clients from all over the World: Americans, Germans, British…they all value two things about Sotogrande: the peaceful and quiet environment and the quality of the housing. At Kassa, are main goal is to find properties that have these attributes”.

Sotogrande is known for its climate, its spacious apartments, polo matches and golf courses. On merit it has become a place of worship for lovers of the sport and has more followers every day. The great golf courses located in the Iberian peninsula have re-entered the radar of investors. In the last year, there have been more than half of dozen deals related to real estate around golf courses in Spain and Portugal.

Andalusia, where weather conditions are very favorable, has bee specially active in the last six months.

When thinking about Sotogrande, it is very likely that “summer” is the word that arises first, but this has certainly changed in the last few years.

There is a strong agenda of cultural and social activities in Sotogrande throughout the year and it has become a very dynamic and active area regardless of the time of the year.